Wednesday, May 5, 2010

INC endorses Noynoy-Mar Tandem, SLAMAT LORRD!

Now, it can be told...

After last week's confused news, with initial talks indicating an Erap endorsement, the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC) has just announced that its official candidates for President and Vice President are no other than....NOYNOY AQUINO AND MAR ROXAS.

Yes, the church leadership just announced the tandem before thousands of worshippers around the country today. In the early morning worship services (5:45 am), the minister says that the church leadership has given its blessings to Noynoy and Mar Roxas.

The church, under the able stewardship of Brother Eduardo Manalo, says that Noynoy exemplifies the great qualities of a leader. The church also reiterated its doctrine of communal unity, which it says shows the true character of God's one and only Church.

The true church of God in these last days says in the circular that the country faces challenges which, thru God's help, the Filipino People, especially members of the true church will be able to surmount.

The INC is the biggest Philippine religious group in the world. With congregations in 100 countries, the INC has an estimated membership of between 3 to 8 million. The World Factbook of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) says that 2.3 percent of the Philippine population counts themselves as members of the INC. With a 91 million population, that is about 2-3 million.