Wednesday, May 5, 2010

INC endorsement of Aquino-Roxas a deal sealer

Market analysts should now sleep soundly at night knowing that the problem or issue of political succession has been resolved. We can now safely say that Senator Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III is the country's 15th president of the Republic of the Philippines. As what I wrote some months ago (I think last November), Noynoy will be our 15th President. Why do I say so?

First, the endorsement of the INC comes at the most crucial time when the country is at a very confused state. Many people are still undecided.

Yet, with the INC endorsement, which counts for about 3 million votes, those growing ranks of the undecided will now subside and possibly be influenced by the decision of the INC church leadership to support Senator Aquino's bid for the presidency.

This INC endorsement practically clears the smoke or the haze created by confusing messages created by these electoral campaigns.  It gives a sobering effect on the heightened political state. It gave everybody peace, knowing full well that we are on the verge of electing a majority president.

Second, the INC endorsement will prevent or deter unscrupulous individuals from rigging the results of the elections to deprive Aquino of his victory. As perceived, the INC endorsement counts for 3 million votes--at least.

Aquino has been leading numerous surveys since he announced his candidacy last November 2009. In the last Pulse Asia survey, Aquino leads by 19% over former president Joseph Estrada and Nacionalista party standard bearer Manny Villar. Translate that into actual figures, that is about 16 million votes. With the INC endorsement, Aquino is sure to get at least 18-19 million votes come May 10, 2010 elections.

Now, what will prevent or deter an Aquino victory?

An extra-constitutional move on the part of this administration. If this administration succeeds in calling for a postponement of the elections for 15 days, this will allow scrupulous election operators to further rig the machines and influence the results.

Third, since everyone knows that the INC supports Aquino, anti-Aquino forces will find it extremely hard to launch an extra-constitutional move, knowing that Aquino now has the full backing of a very influential and the biggest religious group in the country.

If these anti-democratic forces implement a fraudulent elections or cause the failure of the elections, then, expect a very powerful counter-force to defeat them. With the INC flock behind him, Aquino is sure to clinch the presidency.

Why is it the best way for us to fully support Aquino?

A slugfest at the top is destabilizing. The election of a minority president is bad. What we need is the election of a majority president. This will stabilize institutions of governance and most importantly, the bourse or local markets. This will also be very good for the image of our country.