Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Peping Cojuangco blasts Hyatt 10

AS ALWAYS, it seems like President Noynoy Aquino faces tough times ahead. Not only will he try to help his sister, Kris Aquino from again, another marriage "on the rocks", he will have to contend with his uncle, Peping Cojuangco, who is now on a media blitz against his administration.

Peping, a staunch supporter of Noynoy, and brother of Cory, has just granted an interview over TV Patrol. In the interview, Peping lamented how his nephew has acted over the past few weeks. Obviously, his group, the nefarious COPA (Council on Peping Affairs, este Philippine Affairs), is being isolated and being effectively barred from participating or taking a direct part in the Aquino administration.

He feels that Noynoy is now at the mercy of certain forces once aligned with the Arroyo administration. Peping did not directly name this group circling around Noynoy, but obviously he's referring to the Hyatt 10, former close associates and Cabinet members of Mrs. Arroyo and is aligned with the Mar Roxas group.

There's a catch though.

I thought that Peping was just blasting people away out of genuine concern for his nephew. I was terribly wrong.

At the tail end of the interview, Peping was attacking people because he wants his own people to run the show for Noynoy. And you know what that means.

Everyone knows what Peping did during the 1st Aquino administration--he used the good name of Cory for his so-called "shady deals." Many people knew how Peping exploited his filial relations to the hilt. Fact is, it was Peping who actually gave some people cause to militate against Cory. He was, as we already know, the first one who was out of power but present in every deal entered into by government, or so alleged by some quarters. He was also instrumental in that slanderous tag of "Kamaganak Incorporated."

For all these, what is so astounding about Peping's group anyway? My sources tell me that Peping Cojuangco runs the POC like a veritable fiefdom. Ask around, specifically if the POC is not, in any way, involved in shady advertising deals with companies? Ask around if POC is not involved in anyway with deals with tour operators, travel and events agencies, and you'll know why Noynoy shuns his uncle.

Every one knows what "Pastor" Boy Sayco is doing. During the Arroyo administration, he was instrumental in that deal with San Miguel Corporation and a Qatari telecommunications company. Don't tell me that Saycon did not use his government connections in that multi-billion peso deal? And don't tell me that he's not benefitting in any way in any government transaction? The pseudo Pastor has benefitted a lot during Arroyo's time and he, and Peping expects to get something too from this new administration?

As the saying goes, man has to learn how to curb his voracious appetite, otherwise, he might turn into a Nero.