Monday, August 30, 2010

Be proud of our country. Share the good things about the Philippines

Lacson's Appeal Resonates Today
While Hongkong rages, this is the opportune time for us, Filipinos, to unite as one.

While we rage within and really are angry against our present administration, let us not forget that these Hongkongers are getting to be unreasonable.

Yes, there should be justice for their fellow Hongkongers killed last August 23 hostage crisis. Yes, our government bungled the job. And yes, the Philippine government has already apologized for the incident.

What more can anyone do at this point?

Eight Hongkongers are dead. There is an ongoing probe. The Philippine government has already agreed on a parallel investigation. The government promised to come up with a result by two weeks. What more can these people demand from us?

Let us all wait for the results of the probe.

I appeal to our government to sack high government officials involved in the mishandled crisis situation.

I also want to appeal to our fellow Filipinos---despite this incident, all the more that we unite and show our solidarity as a people.

Let us be proud of our race. Let us do what Atty. Alex Lacson suggested in his 12 Little Things Every Filipino Can do for our country.

Let us continue to share the beautiful things about our country to foreigners. Let us not forget that we continue to live in a country blessed by God by a bounty of natural splendour.

Be proud of this. Forget about what happened last August 23.