Monday, August 30, 2010

Senator Estrada humiliated and 3 OFW maids killed by their HK employers due to Aug 23 HOstage Crisis

While I respect the outpouring of outrage from Hongkongers due to the August 23 botched hostage taking in Manila, their current demands are turning to be unreasonable.

First, yes, demand justice. Yes, demand an independent probe. And yes, go to the streets and show your unity against what happened.

But, humiliating one of our legislators is bordering beyond the insane.

Senator Jinggoy Estrada just got the brunt of Chinese racism when his passport was thrown at him by an angry Hongkong immigration man. Estrada was on an official trip to the island state when this incident happened.

Had our country been as strong as the United States, this would have merited a very strong diplomatic protest.

But, sadly, our government right now is in the pits. This government cannot even save itself from universal damnation, what more can it do to help regain the honor of any person, even its own legislator, and the Philippine senate's second highest official?

There are also reports that three (3) Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) working as maids were killed by their Hongkong employers shortly after outrage broke out in the island state.

This is too much. And Hongkong legislators, all politicians, are trying to fuel the anger by leading 80,000 Hongkong residents in a rally.

Is Hongkong trying to exacerbate the pain everyone is suffering by transforming this incident into a racist one?

I mean, we already gave our apologies, as a people. We already said, we're sorry. We already said that like them, we, the Filipino People, are appalled by what our government failed to do.

This is getting to be unwieldy.

When Singapore executed one of our own, which we felt was an injustice, we, as a people, united as one and expressed our disgusts against the Singaporean government. Yet, we never killed anyone. We never disrespected any Singaporean. 

When reports about maltreatment of our compatriots came from Hongkong, we never threw any Hongkonger's passport, no. We never even cursed any Hongkong national. 

When Hongkongers expressed their disgusts over the Tiananmen square massacre which killed thousands of Chinese, we, as a Filipino Nation, expressed our solidarity by protesting in the streets. We, however, did nothing as despicable as killing another Chinese nor throwing their passports in their faces. 

Lao Tsu is right---the true nature of men reveals itself during stressful times. Hongkongers, despite their wealthy status, are acting like brutes and uncivilized people.