Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Love God with all your heart, mind and Spirit

EQ commented that you can determine the size of your God, by the size of your worry list. For most people, this is the Truth.

They only remember God whenever they are troubled by something. We only ask for God if we are in a very tight situation.

When we are in a very good condition, they forget about God and continue sinning. When we are at bliss with what we do, we remember nothing about Him.

When I read the success stories of our taipans and entrepreneurs who made it, one of the things I do remember about these stories was how these people pray a lot and very hard. They do so every single day.

Jollibee founder Tanchaktiong pray with his family, same goes with the Gokongweis and the Ayalas. They always remember about God.

We must do the same. We must remember God in all our undertakings, for sickness and in health and for all the things we do in our lives.

For we owe it to Him. We owe God our existence. We owe God, the good things and the bad things which happen in our lives.

Some people attribute only the good things with God. They're wrong. God dispenses both the good and the bad. God created goodness and evil. The only thing which God is barred from doing is lying or telling lies.

A good citizen is someone who:

Loves God with all his heart, his mind and Spirit
Loves His fellowmen like he loves himself
Loves his country the same way he loves himself.