Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bacalzo is being accused of involvement in drugs and jueteng

Barely 3 months on the job and facing numerous challenges
Three major issues face President Noynoy Aquino today. First, the impending strike of PAL workers. Second, the string of OFW cases abroad and third, the simmering PNP junior officers protest against the appointment of General Raul Bacalzo as chief of the National Police.

Bacalzo, who succeeded Director General Jesus Verzosa, is being linked to the illegal numbers game of jueteng, by Sandra Cam. He is also being accused of protecting big-time drug syndicates.

There is no official word yet from Bacalzo. But, if these allegations are true, then, another big whammy against President Aquino.

The PAL-PAL employees negotiation has faltered. The employees union has filed for a notice of strike, and anytime soon, the 1,000 strong union will make its presence felt. Aquino threatened to impose the full force of the law against the union. What Aquino does not probably know is, it is the right of every employee, be it unionized or not, to declare a strike. A strike is a human right. The state has no right to interfere with this legitimate worker's right.

Numerous cases of abuses hound Overseas Filipino Workers in various countries, particularly in the Middle East.  There are five OFWs which stands accuse of being drug mules and are now slated to be executed by the Chinese government. Other abuse cases involving OFWs and their employers are rising and with the expected cut in the legal assistance fund of the Department of Foreign Affairs, all the more that we expect OFWs to be victimized by various groups and persons.

Allegations of jueteng payola are now hurting the Aquino administration. DILG undersecretaries Ric Puno and another one are being accused of receiving between 2 to 5 million pesos each month from jueteng lords. These charges are hurting the administration. It is diluting the high moral standi of this government.

And what is this I hear? High-level officials are reporting trying to pressure the De Lima Commission to amend certain portions of its report on the August 23 Hostage Crisis. There were portions where the report positively identified those government officials responsible for the fiasco. The recommendation was either allow the Executive to fire them or charge them with criminal neglect.

President Aquino should act now and prevent the further erosion of the people's trust in his administration. This government cannot survive a more serious attempt, much less, a destabilization attempt against it by enemy forces if it loses its singular redemption ticket which is the high people's confidence.