Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pnoy answers back to a wanted Fnoy estafador-ah: Social Media of Malacanang tricked by PR trickster?

How in the hell did this happened?

Before I even write another word, let me just say that it is unfair for anyone to accuse Manolo Quezon III of colluding with Reyn Bernido, the alleged "PR guy" whom President Aquino choose to give an official answer in his Facebook account.

We really don't know if Manolo did, indeed, colluded with Bernido, whom many identified in the Filipino blogging community as an estafador. Bernido, as alleged by Pinoy Buzz and Dona Victorina, has a string of estafa cases filed against him before the Quezon City prosecutor's office.

Bernido, according to Pnoy bloggers, has been charged with large-scale estafa and has been hiding since arrest warrants have been issued against him.

Why did Paul Farol, a long time blogger of Pinoy buzz, dragged Manolo's name into the picture? By the way, Manolo Quezon III is now a Malacanang official connected with Pnoy's Communications Group.

Manolo, according to some, is part of the Balai group, a group headed by Ricky Carandang. Based on numerous blog entries, particularly that written by Paul Farol, Manolo wrote the alleged Facebook letter of Bernido.

Manolo Quezon III, a former Inquirer columnist, reportedly has links with Bernido thru Reyna Elena, a blogger. Reyna Elena has numerous enemies in the Filipino blogging community.

Anyway, Manolo Quezon III allegedly hired the services of Bernido? This is still unsubstantiated since no one has any document to prove this. Or maybe, Manolo Quezon III and the social media group of the President thought of using Bernido as a ruse?

Whatever is the case, if this is true, then, the Communications Group has lots of explaining to do.

First, if they, indeed, conspired with Bernido to fool  the Filipino People, then, they should again, apologize, especially to the Filipino blogging community.

Second, if they, indeed, conspired with Bernido, and they saw Bernido, met him, and did not report the matter to the police authorities, then, they can be accused of a crime which is abetting a fugitive of the law. Or, to some, a crime of harboring a fugitive and a crime of contempt against the law.

These are very serious allegations now percolating in the blogosphere and even in social media networks which the social media team of the new administration should address.