Friday, September 17, 2010

Robin Padilla---a Muslim no longer?

Robin Padilla and Mariel Rodriguez just got married. Yet, they did not marry in a Muslim ceremony. They got married through an Ibaloi ceremony.

Robin explains that they got married in an Ibaloi ceremony because his mother is an Igorot. The ceremony lasted for one and half hours, afterwards, they also got married before a pastor. It is unknown why they did so twice.

I thought Robin is a Balik-Islam, a Muslim revert? Robin is an active member of the local Balik-Islam movement. He is  known as Abdullah.

They should have gotten married in a Muslim ceremony.

Does this mean that Robin is not a Muslim anymore? The Ibaloi ceremony involves using blood smearing of a pig, two things considered haram by Muslims. Fact is, the entire ceremony is considered haram.

For the sake of our fellow Muslims, Robin Padilla should explain if he already abandoned the Muslim faith.