Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Binay for president? Senator Escudero a playboy?

Vice president Jojo Binay is a tad lower in approval ratings than Noy. Noy got 79% while Jojo, 78%. Curiously, Jojo has not been in the news lately, while Noy hugs the headlines and the inside pages of newspapers almost every single day. 

In comparison, Binay is quietly doing his thing while Noy, well, continues to crusade on behalf of his erring Cabinet members, like DPWH Singson. Contrast their management styles, and you get the impression that Binay is silently building his strong mass base while Noy is left alone while his Cabinet members do the wrecking job.

Meaning, Binay's rating continues to remain extremely high because of what's he's doing exactly, not what he says he does in the media. 

Politically, its bad for both to have the same strong public perception. Why? Because it leads some people to believe that either one can actually govern this country less of the other.

The perception is, this administration will not last just like Erap's. Which I think is just a misreading of the entire situation. This kind of news is probably propaganda, to prop up the possibility of a Binay presidency in case the SABLAI group continues its job of messing everything up for the President to clean. 

These loose talk of the president having drinking sprees inside the palace, of him being a playboy (dating different women every single week) and of him drinking the night away while forgetting the affairs of the state, are all black propaganda meant to clearly picture a government in disarray. 

And such news as the erroneous inclusion of Senator Honasan's name in the list of possible rebels out to plead for amnesty are just some of the errors which some people think prove their initial guesses---that the affairs of this government are being handled by lightweights out to have a grand time as high government functionaries.

Curiously though, even Senator Chiz Escudero is being accused right now of marital infidelity, either because he's gay or because he's a lothario. Loose talk says Escudero is shopping around, enjoying his new found power as the force behind Noy and engaging in endless drinking sprees with no less than the Executive secretary. 

Of course, Escudero is simply not gay and he's not a lothario. Fact is, the good senator remains extremely loyal to his lovely wife. 

These talks which are spreading like wildfire benefits two men: Binay and Senator Bongbong Marcos---two likely contenders for the presidency in 2016. 

Marcos remains a very strong contender. His strong showing last elections prove that people still trust the Marcos brand name, despite years of mud slinging from activists and people victimized by the Marcos dictatorial regime. It would not be extremely difficult, people say, of another Marcos again occupying the same place his father abandoned several decades ago. 

If elections are held today, and these two men face each other, the outcome is definitely certain: Marcos. 

Marcos benefits from all of these faults and perceived disarray in government. The Marcos brandname exudes order. If the Aquino administration continues messing things around, this might justify a resuscitation of the public's animation towards order. That would set the tone for the 2016 elections and this will, extremely favor Bongbong.