Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Tito Guingona: Fight for Justice continues with Vizconde case

Group supports Mang Lauro's quest
Was there new evidence presented that justifies a new Supreme Court perspective? For Vice President Tito Guingona, there was no new evidence presented that refuted the findings of the lower courts on the Hubert Webb murder case.

Guingona, a seasoned lawyer and legislator, said that the Supreme Court erred in reversing the decisions of the Court of Appeals and the Regional Trial Court which found Hubert Webb and the rest of his buddies, guilty of killing the Vizcondes in 1991. 

He, along with VACC chairman Dante Jimenez, Mary "Rosebud" Ong, Capt Dizon, General Jarque, Rasti Delizo of Sanlakas, Leody de Guzman of Partido Lakas ng Masa, and Father Robert Reyes joins anti-crime crusader Lauro Vizconde in asking the Court to do a self-reversal of the previous ruling exonerating Webb etal from the crime.

People's Movement for Justice (PM-JUSTICE)
The former Vice President went to a meeting today held at the Orange Place hotel in Kamias Road, Quezon City. The group, which called itself, " Run for Vizconde, Run for Justice. JUstice for All", plans to mobilize their 5,000-strong force on January 10, to dramatize the plight of the Vizcondes. They seek a reversal of the decision of the Supreme Court, a move which certain quarters think is "aiming at the sun".

A decision coming from the Highest Tribunal of the land cannot be reversed by any other body except itself. Since the decision was "final and executory", any appeal or petition for reconsideration will actually be deemed null and void. A known principle of double jeopardy prevents anybody from filing a case with the same information or the same facts against the same accused individual in a case.

The meeting was the first one attended by big people's organizations since the assumption of the new administration. 

The January 10 mobilization is expected to attract at least 5,000 people, according to rally organizers. If these groups unify, this will be the largest ever people's gathering in the eight month old administration. 

Meanwhile, Justice secretary Leila de Lima says elements of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) are now hot on the heels of fugitive Joey Filart and Artemio Ventura, two suspects pinpointed by Jessica Alfaro as responsible for the brutal massacre of the Vizcondes.

De Lima said she will be initiating a move aimed at extraditing Joey Filart. This information proves the credibility of Alfaro, says De Lima.

Alfaro appeared before the courts in  1994, who claimed to have witnessed the killing of the Vizcondes. Her testimony was used to convict Webb etal. The same testimony was used by the Supreme Court in exonerating Webb etal.

For De Lima, the positive identification of Filart proves the authenticity of Alfaro's testimony. 

Alfaro remains in hiding. Some quarters are saying that Alfaro will surface anytime to give support to Mang Lauro Vizconde. The only question is when.