Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bullying and AC/DC tactics slowly emerging in Philippine blogging?

Bullying happens only in school, right? Wrong.

Bullies are always bullies until the time when they get theirs from other bullies. As they say, those who have bad manners only get theirs when they face their own selves in the persona of another.

Salcedo's article in the Inquirer published a few moons ago, reminds us one simple thing--the purist nature of Philippine blogging is being tarnished by corporatist minded desperates out to get a fast buck from the ones they bullied.

Salcedo's "Big Bad Blogger" article reminds of the AC/DCs practices being accused for so many years against traditional media practitioners--attack, collect/defend, collect. Such practice have since disappeared in the trad media radar, only to resurface, unfortunately, in the Philippine blogging sphere.

And why is this? This is because the distinction between trad and new have already disappeared due to commercialist and corporatist mindsets. People think that blogging is big money. And big money only means bullying.

Big Bad Blogger is a bully. If you read the article once more, Salcedo was describing a "she". So, Big Bad Blogger is likened to Big Bad Wolvie, of course, of the female gender.

Social marketing is not about money---it is about community, building bridges and strong relationships. If the AC/DC practice has already percolated in the new media industry, woe to those bullied by the Big Bad Blogger and the PR firm with she bully.

There are even remarks or comments out there disparaging ones about awards bodies in the Philippine blogging sphere. I don't want to spill the beans, but there was a case which was shared with me several years ago, that put me off. 

I thought that new media is supposed to be everybody's Sierra Madre, only to find out that several thinks that Sierra Madre is full of gold, somewhere.

Georgia may have been deathly afraid of the girth and the so-called influence by the bully that she wants nothing to do with "her". I even heard that this "she bully" even bullies her staff. "She" even pukes in public and threatens her dear friends with curses. Fortunately for her, her true friends remain true to their personal dictum of not doing what she's doing for karma's sake.

What these bullies do not know is this---influence wanes through time. Life is like a wheel--you're up now, and chances are, if you don't practice the Golden Rule, you'll be down and out in a couple of weeks. Such is the lessons of other PR practitioners that they refrained already from these AC/DC tactics. 

They just want to listen to AC/DC music.

So, those who were bullied into submission by these so-called PR practitioners, do not fear. NPR is here. This site is open for your emails. Expose them if you want to keep this hallowed blogging ground sacred.