Friday, May 27, 2011

RH Bill: Lower Prices of Condoms Now!

A high quality condom for five pesos, is it possible? Yes, it is. Don't tell me that the poor folks out there do not even have five pesos to buy a decent condom?

Don't tell me that poverty hinders someone from protecting himself from unwanted pregnancy. Poor folks have the money to pay for a few hours in a motel, don't even tell me that a 5-peso condom is not entirely possible for him to buy?

A friend of mine says that children or kids who were taught about sex education can actually protect herself from abuse. What?

So, a kid knowledgeable about sex can protect herself from her abuser, by what? BY telling her abuser that he must use a condom before abusing her? Or telling her abuser, that, hey, its her "period"--don't abuse me now.

Sexual abuse is not about sex--it's about power. 

If rich folks of the middle class want to curb population, ask condom makers to lower the prices of their goods, so that the poor would be able to buy them by themselves.

It is definitely not right to tolerate sex by the government buying all those condoms and distributing them to the public. It sends a wrong message. The message is this---just go ahead do it. You're not responsible. You're protected. Go ahead. Sige lang ng sige.

BUt if you educate the poor and let them buy their own condoms, you make them realize that their every sexual act has its consequences that they must face...even if they're "protected."