Friday, May 27, 2011

Mar Roxas flexes muscles: Reason why Nereus Acosta's appointment as DENR secretary did'nt push thru

After so many meetings with President Aquino and after visiting the Department of Environment and Natural Resources offices for so many times during the past six weeks, former Bukidnon Congressman Nereus Acosta will not succeed or replace Ernesto Paje as DENR secretary afterall.
This surprised many who really thought that Acosta is a "shoo-in" for the post since Aquino himself told and even promised Acosta last year that the Liberal party member will get the post once the one-year election ban has been lifted. 

Fact is, Acosta has even prepared himself for the post and already tasked his men to be appointed in sensitive posts at the DENR. Reportedly, he even offered the undersecretary position to a friend, who happens to be a director of another government agency.

what happened? 

sources say, the reason why Acosta's appointment did not push thru is he being a part of the block of Senator Kiko Pangilinan in the Liberal Party. Remember that it was Kiko who opposed and paved the way for Roxas's exclusion as the party's official presidential candidate and replaced him with Senator Aquino.

Kiko controls the SLAMMAT LORRD group, a group composed of Liberals and Leftist members including Akbayan and some volunteer groups.

a source says that Mar reportedly blocked Acosta's appointment since Acosta belonged to the wing that opposed his candidacy for the presidency. Mar's group reportedly vowed not to allow members of the SLAMMAT LORRD group to assume sensitive government posts.

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