Saturday, May 28, 2011

Salon de Ning, Manila Peninsula



Me and the team


The boxer's room
Noemi Dado, the indefatigable mommy blogger knows that I have a new hobby--photography. I bought a Nikon D-3100 and I just kept on shooting and shooting photos. I love photos. I love taking photos. 

That's why for those who want me to cover their events, just email me. You can email me at Just make sure that you have meals, hehehe. That's another thing I love.

I covered Bounty Fresh launch of their chic moms club, an online community of moms. It was held at the Salon de Ning at Manila Peninsula.

For those who still don't know or has'nt visited the Pen lately, come, visit the Ning. It's very beautiful. 

Just look at the photos I took at the Salon de Ning. By the way, what's the name? Well, it's the name of the wife of the owner of the Pen, they say.

The event by the way is absolutely fun. (Hindi nga lang ako nakakain. Oh well. Never mind. I enjoyed the company. )

Photos here are just some of the things I took. You can find others at my Picasa web album. 

Thinking of launching a photoblog over at Wait for it, okey?

The thing about photography is you capture life as it unfolds. 

That's not the same way as RH advocates want. They want to capture life before it unfolds. :-)

I'm fascinated with light. When I was teaching electronic newsroom to a bunch of hopefuls at the Dela Salle University, I emphasized on using light. Fact is, I'm an expert at lighting.:-)

Nikon 3100 is an entry level camera. But, hey, I don't need those fancy ones (right now perhaps).

I just need good lens.

If there's someone out there who'll lend me his, I'll definitely appreciate it. 

By the way, Salon de NIng, they say, is an expression of the multi-sided life of the owner. The boxer's room, they say, is a tribute to the owner's former boyfriend, who loves to box. Was it the reason why they separated? The boxing went out of the ring and unto the matrimonial or couple's bed?