Monday, June 27, 2011

Filipino People: Home Alone

Former president Gloria Arroyo accused President Noynoy Aquino of  being an "absentee" president. She says Aquino's "nobody's home" style of leadership has affected the economy of the Philippines. The former Chief Executive boasted of her "economic gains". Arroyo even bruited her strong leadership style which protected the economy from the financial stresses of the late 2000.

Arroyo criticized Aquino for the underperformance of the economy. Arroyo's rejoinder came out shortly after the PCCI gave a scathing remark against the Aquino administration, giving the administration a very low mark in terms of economic performance.

Bull. Crap.

Factually, both are "absentee" presidents. Both are equally galling in claiming successes or victories for and on behalf of the people. The fact remains--the majority of the Filipino People continues to wallow in dire poverty due to rising prices of commodities, particularly gas and food prices.

For one, there is overwhelming evidence of Arroyo and her associates pulling this economy to the ground with their wanton disregard of morality and law. Her involvement in onerous contracts and graft-laded projects have put great stress upon the economy, with debts ballooning to trillions of pesos. Worst, Arroyo's term was a game changer. It institutionalized cronyism, and graft and corruption. All political institutions were corrupted and became part of Arroyo's personal fiefdom. 

Sad though that the one-year old Aquino administration is showing signs of an Arroyo administration. Former Archbishop Oscar Cruz says that the only accomplishment of the Aquino administration is the enforcement of the anti-"wang-wang" campaign. Rampant graft and corruption continues unabated, with very close associates of the President involved. Erring officials in the Aquino Cabinet remained, protected by a President who is now very isolated by contending groups within.

“With pomp and pageantry, the present government took over. It is now anybody’s guess what the forthcoming SONA (State of the Nation Address) will say-and what will the people in turn say thereafter. The following is predictable: Grand accomplishment report. Miserable reality show. And that’s it. And this is no guess,” Cruz said.

Compared with the glare of Arroyo though, Aquino is doing much less. That glare of corruption has blinded most of those close to Arroyo, blinded by so much stolen monies. Aquino, meanwhile, continues to correct the monumental wrongs committed by Arroyo. Yet, both do not understand the real situation; hence, continues to commit the same wrongs of the past. 

There is promise however, in Aquino. Aquino has to give up his cronies this early. 

Fire PCSO chairman Margie Juico with her whole board. Same goes to LTO chief Virgie Torres, Customs Chief Angelito Alvarez and others who continue to shame the administration with their acts.