Friday, June 10, 2011

Philippines surrenders early on to China: While Vietnam prepares for war against the Chinamen

While our neighbor, Vietnam prepares for a live fire drill following its recent spat with China, here we are calling for a truce. Why are we calling for such? Are we the ones who started this verbal war in the first place? No, it was China. 

Who sent their warships in the Spratlys? Who built illegal structures there? Its those Chinamen. And we, who are aggrieved, we whose rights were violated, are the ones calling for a truce? Have we no shame left?

Who's the aggrieved party in this spat against these stupid Chinamen? We are. Six of our seven islands have been occupied. We have aerial photos to prove it. Even the Chinese government already admitted that it did, built structures in those six islands. 

Who threatened country-claimants involved in the Spratlys Islands to "move away" from there and not claim those islands anymore? Its China.

Who said that those islands, even those reefs and banks in the Palawan sea as theirs? Its China.

The verbal tussle has not even started yet, and here is our Presidential spokesperson calling for a truce? Kumbaga sa away, hindi pa nga umiinit eh, umurong na tayo?

Have we no shame as a people?

Senate president Juan Ponce-Enrile is right. We should show our anger. We should show our protest. 

Why are we so afraid of these yellow-colored bullies? Are we afraid that these Chinese will bomb us with their nuclear weapons? ARe we afraid of their army?

Of course not! Maliit man tayong bansa, pero, we need to fight for our rights by expressing our disgusts and not let other countries bully us.

Have we no shame left? And why is our president so concerned with China losing face? They are the aggressors. They started this. Have we lost our self-respect as a people that we now allow a bully to occupy part of our sovereignty?

I fear that our government, especially our President, is mishandling this situation. I am afraid that if push comes to shove, we will lose this early in the game, simply because we have a president that does not know what to do with this issue.

Yes, we are the weakest force in the Pacific. We probably would last an hour in a modern war.

Even though, I would prefer to go to war and prove to the world that I love my country and I'm willing to defend it against such bullies as China, than surrender what I think is mine. 

Eh, so what if they have a million armed men? So what if they have many airplanes, warships, subs and the like?

It is better to die fighting than surrender the Motherland.

Puro dakdak lang itong pangulong ito pero wala talagang pagpapahalaga sa Inang Bayan.