Saturday, July 2, 2011

Inday Sara (Duterte) is my girl

Inday Sara Duterte--my kinda girl
I smacked the sheriff, but I did'nt shoot the deputy. :-) (Bob Marley would have loved to lend his song as background music while we watch Inday Sara punch the befuddled sheriff of Davao)

It was raunchy, it was violent but hell knows no masters, except of course, Inday Sara Duterte.

Sara is not your ordinary mean buster. I mean, she's a lawyer. She knows the law, just like Atty. Theodore Te who commented that Inday Sara could be cited for contempt for assaulting Sheriff Abe Andres.

Andres, says Te, was just doing his duty. And his duty was specific---clear the area from illegal settlers.

But, that is NOT the issue. Inday Duterte recognizes that the sheriff was there to enforce the law. She was not questioning the demolition order. She was asking for leniency so that she can enforce order.

The issue is simple---the mayor of the city requested for two more hours. Inday Sara wants to coordinate with the illegal settlers to avoid a confrontation with the police, who were hired to enforce the law.

No, says Andres. Let's begin demolition. Mayhem ensued shortly right after. That really pissed my Inday. And what ensued after was really a classic.

That's the kind of leadership we all want---a leadership that understands the plight of the people and ready to protect the people at all times.

Duterte exemplifies a kind of leadership that is exactly the opposite of what we all see every single day in Malacanang.

Ask me why graft and corrupt practices remain and festering in Malacanang? Because there is no leader that holds the fort as strong as what the Dutertes do in Davao. If a Duterte occupies the palace right now, such nincoompoops like Alvarez, etal would have gotten what Andres got. 

Hate to say it, but the Duterte style of leadership is not just strongman style---there's compassion you see there. There is total appreciation of the soundness and the equality of rights under the law.

I smacked the sheriff, that's right, and I'm proud of it. :-) Inday Sara is my complete woman.