Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hyatt 10---the sequel?

There is a nasty rumor doing the rounds--of Noynoy officials resigning en masse. Possibility? Probably. 

The thing about this resignation en masse is its irrationality. Why on earth will you abandon an honest guy doing exactly the opposite of what his predecessor did? 

One source say that the answer is also simple: indecisive leadership. But, is resignation the most apt answer to this? No. As part of government, one's duty is to enhance it, not just be a part of it.

The thing about what's happening right now is simple: the Aquino administration is hard put in housekeeping that they forgot the most fundamental principle of all---having a definitive plan.

The bad thing about being in government is the thinking that you'll earn millions just for being a director or an undersecretary of a government. When you enter government, expect the worst. 

Expect a drastic pay cut. Expect to be frustrated because you are actually battling a humongous and very traditional organisation that has not changed since the Spanish times.

If you're idealistic, expect to be very disappointed simply because the bureaucracy is a closed one. It has'nt changed and will not change in the next few decades.

Change will only happen if we oust the present system and re-engineer it to suit the Pinoy tastes, not the colonial tastes. FOR that to happen, the only ones worthy of such a calling are the New Patriots of the New Generation. 

Let a thousand Mayor Dutertes spring from the loins of the nationalistic segments of Filipino society. Let a million Noynoy Aquinos stand up and be counted.

As for the next Hyatt 10, you better explain yourselves fully to the People, why.