Friday, July 1, 2011

There is still hope in Aquino

There are tons of work in the palace. Arroyo mismanaged the affairs of the State for nine long years. The former dispensation is a game changer. That administration totally changed the way we view government service. During those tumultuous years, public service meant personal service and allegiance to the Couple ensconced in Malacanang.

Slowly, Aquino is changing all that. Admittedly, Aquino is honestly serving all of us. THere is still hope that things will definitely change for the better if Aquino would be honest enough to fire his close associates involved in graft and corruption.

Fire Angelito Alvarez from Customs. Kick the butt of Margie Juico from PCSO. Kindly tell Virgie Torres to vacate her post at LTO and investigate several other "pro-Noynoys" involved in this and that deals in government, and all would be fine.