Friday, November 25, 2011

Arroyo goes straight to jail

Dado Arroyo dished out a mouthful in a hastily called presscon at St. Luke's hospital. He defended his mother. He asked for sympathy, even used his kids to get it. Dado says that his family is suffering because his mother is deathly sick. The Arroyos will not leave the country. The family will face the charges squarely. And what's hurtful, Dado says, they as a family continue to get brickbats from the public.

Of course, expect potshots against your family, Dado, because you want to again fool us and pull our legs. You want us to sympathize with your mother, when your mother refuses to tell us her exact medical condition. How can we empathize with you when all of you are patently lying?

It is evident that you and your family wants your mother to escape detention. 

For many years, thousands suffered during her 9-year rule. It is now time for her to suffer the way we did.