Friday, November 25, 2011

Mrs.Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo fit to leave St. Luke's Medical Center

Bukong buko si Gloria Arroyo
After a week of claiming that Mrs. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's health condition is worsening, here comes the doctors of the former president telling us the truth---that Mrs. Arroyo's condition has been improving and not in a way life threatening. So, it proves that that melo-dramatic incident at NAIA was staged-managed and for what? For the Arroyo couple to avoid prosecution. 

Or, as tongue waggers say, to agitate the people and shore up public anger against the administration. We know now that they failed. No one sympathized with her and her plight. That's how angry the Filipino People are against Mrs. Arroyo.

Truth, as they say, has a unique means of unveiling itself.

Sadly, even at a point of death, Mrs. Arroyo and her family continue to lie and lie before the public. 

Matanda ka na, Ginang Arroyo, tama na ang pagsisinungaling.

With that certification from her doctors, Mrs. Arroyo is also fit to go to a detention facility to serve time while her case of electoral rigging is being heard by the courts.

Of course, it is to the discretion of the courts where it would put Mrs. Arroyo. Her lawyers are calling for house arrest while the prosecution panel wants her straight in jail.

If we are to follow the law, then, there should be no debate--Gloria should serve time in a prison facility instead of her house.

It is time for us, for everybody, to implement what the law says.