Thursday, November 17, 2011

Gloria Arroyo flight scene at NAIA part of destabilization plot? Former General seen visiting Arroyo

"Hon, bukong buko na tayo. Balik nakong St Luke's"
Seems like the true reason behind that melodrama at NAIA is beginning to unravel. Former defense chief and close Arroyo associate, General Hermogenes Esperon Jr. and several other generals close to Arroyo were seen visiting the former president at St Luke's Medical Center. I thought Arroyo suffered from high blood pressure and is at this time, edgy, according to her own spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn?

What was the purpose of the visit of these generals, now retired? Is it possible that what Gloria and her group did at NAIA was part of a BIGGER PLAN, that is, to DESTABILIZE THE PRESENT AQUINO ADMINISTRATION?

Curiously, this incident happened during the visit of US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It's very surprising that this thing happened in just one day---the grant of an TRO inspite of the lack of oral arguments preceding to the grant and the immediate attempt by the Arroyo camp to leave this country in extreme haste. The SC, it seemed was in an unusual haste when it issued the TRO, as if, this TRO is being timed for a bigger reason.

If you notice the statements given by the Arroyo camp, there was a usual pattern, that is, the Arroyos tried to rouse public anger against the administration by linking Arroyo's condition with that of the ordinary Filipino.

The Arroyos tried to garner public support but, it backfired. Based on a TV Patrol survey of 10,000 Filipinos, nearly 8 out of 10 Filipinos supported the decision of the Department of Justice not to allow the Arroyos to leave this country.

Meaning,their melodrama was seen as a ruse, another prevarication or lie given by Arroyo. Arroyo had been seen as a villain in this case, instead of someone whose rights are being violated by the government.

Look at what the Arroyos tried to accomplish:

1. They tried to divide the govermment by creating a pseudo constitutional crisis. Many of Arroyo's allies wanted to create a situation, which is a constitutional crisis, in order to further fuel a political crisis.

This constitutional crisis is just in the minds of those who want to destabilize this administration.

2. They tried to muster public support behind their so called "advocacy" but it fell flat and in fact, exploded before their very faces.

3. They tried to hide their true intention by using the legal argument. Many people do not believe that they are fighting for Right--what the people see is a selfish motive by people behind Arroyo to again, fool the Filipino People into believing that they are being oppressed themselves, when, in truth and in fact, it is only the Arroyos who are getting the brunt end of the bargain.

4. The presence of former generals visiting Arroyo at St Luke's Medical Center.

This talk of destabilization has been going on since what? last year?

I think that it is time for these groups to just do what they want to do, and get it on. Let's see if they have the strength and the moral standi, so to speak, to launch whatever they want to launch.

It is certain, and it is quite obvious, that they will surely fail because the support of the masses is not with them.

Fact is, the masses are laughing at them.