Monday, November 21, 2011

Gloria Arroyo should be put in jail, part 2

The Arroyo camp is really a confused lot.

Tuesday last week was when we saw a Gloria Arroyo, being wheeled out of an ambulance. She is expected to board a plane to Singapore.

Her potatips, Maria Elena Horn, Raul Lambino and Atty. Ferdinand "the balls" Topacio were quick on saying that the former president is ready to go. She is physically fit to endure a three-hour plane ride to Singapore.

And they're absolutely right. We saw a frail looking woman, but able to take a flight of stairs by walking (assisted of course) and able to wave and even remembered to wear high-heeled shoes for the trip. Nothing life threatening there.

For a life threatener before, Gloria is not in a life threatening situation now. Yes, she suffers from hypertension, but, that's normal for a person like her facing a string of criminal cases. She's depressed and of course, that too, is normal. A person who will not be depressed at the sudden turn of events is likely a mental patient.

If Gloria can really stand up, why not require her to stay in a detention cell, according to the precepts of the law. I believe Topacio would be quick to say, " please accord her the respect befitting a former president". But, that's exactly it.

There are disputes as to whether she really was a former president of this country given that she is now being accused of rigging elections in 2004 and 2007.

If the evidence is strong against her, then, her very own legitimacy as a head of state is also being put under a cloud of doubt.

Her husband will counter, "accord respect since she is a woman".

Yeah. How many thousands of Filipinas accused of crimes suffered humiliation and hypertension when their times were up? When they were being hauled to prison, how many of them felt humiliation?

Gloria Arroyo has still time to correct these wrongs. Be an example. You were once a head of State. She should set an example and respect the very institutions of democracy and justice in this country.

Gloria Arroyo, like all others, should follow the law. If the law says that Gloria Arroyo should spend time in jail, she must.