Monday, November 21, 2011

Gloria Arroyo should spend time in jail

The Arroyo camp is one confused lot. At the height of the melodrama in NAIA, Raul Lambino, Elena Horn and Atty. Ferdinand " the balls" Topacio all were saying that Gloria's fight is the fight of ordinary Filipinos. They all sang in chorus. They tried to depict GMA as a victim of human rights violations. They say that she, along with hundreds, err, millions of Pinoys suffer human rights violations under a "despotic regime."

"This is worst than martial law, " says Mike Arroyo, erstwhile hubby of the ex-president.

Now that the former president is technically a prisoner of the state, the trio now wants the State to accord "every respect given to a former head of state", by allowing her to stay in a hospital and not spend any second inside a penitentiary.

If I got my Rules of Court right, the State takes cognizance of the accused immediately after the issuance of a warrant of arrest.

I thought GMA and her minions are fighting for the rights of every individual, why are they not willing to subject themselves to the standard operating procedures for every criminal?

The SOP is, subject yourself to mugshots and allow police to take your fingerprints. Next is, allow the State to issue you regulation suits and haul you to jail. That is what ordinary Filipinos accused of numerous crimes suffer, every single time.

GMA should realize that, out of sympathy and respect to the very institution she once served, she should realize that she must do what other Filipinos accused of crimes are constrained to do---go and spend time in jail.

If she believes that she's innocent, she should subject herself to the "ignominy" to show the world how the State continually oppresses her.

Her conduct is sickening, to say the least. Gloria Arroyo should respect what the law requires of her---spend time in jail.

Her conduct, as well as the demeanor of her minions, can be likened to the demeanor of guilty mafia bosses who uses their money just to buy themselves out of jail.

Innocent people are very willing to spend time in jail just to prove to their captors or persecutors that they are wrong and they have nothing to hide.

In Gloria's case, these people are moving heaven and earth just to avoid prison time, a tendency of guilty people whose consciences are already corrupted.