Saturday, November 19, 2011

Moderate your greed

Some part of me feels pity for Gloria. I'm sure, many students of politics and history would study her life and how, from being the "iron lady of Asia", Gloria will now become the "lady behind the iron bars". Such is the fate of someone who forgot one valuable lesson in politics--never expose your flanks.

Another valuable lesson in politics---moderate your greed. In politics, there are no permanent friends--only allies with their own interests. 

Gloria had so many friends during her term, but no one came to her rescue when she was being prevented from leaving the country.

Gloria made billions and made several people millionaires, only to find those millions and billions insufficient in preventing her from being a prisoner of the state.

Technically, Gloria Arroyo is now a prisoner of the State, a fate reserved for those who committed grievous sins against the people.

In the past, Gloria wanted nothing more than make the entire bureaucracy her and her family's fiefdom.

Now, her ambition or her dream of becoming the :"servant" of the state for the rest of her life will be fulfilled, albeit, limited to the grounds of New Bilibid prisons.