Saturday, November 19, 2011

Testes, testes, Mike Testes...

So there. The perceived standoff between the State and Mrs. Arroyo came to an end yesterday, with the State and the People finally serving a warrant of arrest against the former president.

Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and her minions tried to test(es) the will of this administration. They tried to escape the long arm of the law. They tried to agitate the people. They tried to portray Arroyo as a poor and sickly woman, who needs immediate medical attention. Instead of getting sympathy, Arroyo got were brickbats and laughs from the people whom she made fools and shamed during her 9-year rule.

Gloria Macapagagal-Arroyo is now under the custody of the State. She must answer a charge which everyone knows to be true---bastardizing the voice of the people last 2007. On Monday, another charge sheet will be filed against her, this time for that 2004 electoral fiasco. Inspite of her public admission that she called someone over the phone during the counting of the votes, Gloria was never charged during her term.

Now that several witnesses on the alleged electoral rigging operation already came out in the open, it is time for Gloria and her minions to suffer the punishment they so deserve.

The only question is---will we really see Mrs. Arroyo behind bars? Nope. 

Mrs. Arroyo is now 64 years old. Definitely, her legal advisers would either prolong the proceedings so that she'll avoid the stench of Bilibid.

Under the law, those who reach 70 years old will not anymore suffer the ignominy of jail time.Anyway, it is sufficient for the people to know that the wheels of justice has moved in favor of the Filipino People.

As what Justice secretary Leila de Lima says, justice has been served.