Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Corona will crown his term as CJ with a humiliating impeachment

Had former Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona heeded the pleas of everyone for him to inhibit himself in taking part in cases where his former principal, former president Gloria Arroyo was involved, he would have survived a humiliating impeachment.

Nineteen cases involving Arroyo were decided, with the active participation of Corona, with him favoring Gloria.  Legal luminaries have noted the pattern of Corona's voting. During his time as Justice of the Supreme Court, Corona voted all in favor of Gloria particularly in very sensitive and controversial cases.

Aside from this, there are very questionable transactions involving Corona. One of these, is the purchase of a 300 plus square meter property in a Pasig condominium. 

That's why many are convinced that the Chief Justice has been politicized, the institution compromised. 

But let us not heap the blame solely on Corona.

This politicization of the Supreme Court began during the time of former Chief Justice Davide. Davide was the first Justice of this court who compromised its integrity in exchange for political accommodation.

Davide started issuing very controversial interpretations of the Law favoring Arroyo. One of these startling errors was the decision to legalize the "constructive resignation" of former president Joseph Estrada. 

In all three branches of government, the Supreme Court is supposed to be the strongest institution. It represents the voice of the People, being the Constitutional body tasked in interpreting the Will of the Filipino People reflected in its laws.

What happened during the past few years was a Supreme Court expressing the Will of the ruling clique of the elite, the existing administration, not of the People's as reflected in the Constitution and the laws and previous decisions of the same court.

The Supreme Court has prostituted itself. The Supreme Court was turned into a Court ruled by big law firms.

Corona has called for the protection of the judiciary "against its enemies".

Who prostituted this court? Who smeared its hallowed name? Who turned this Court into the funniest court in Philippine History?

Why will you follow this Chief Justice who ran this Court like a jester of an Enchanted Kingdom?