Monday, February 20, 2012

Vice President Binay---next on the Aquino agenda?

Several sources have confirmed a plot to launch an attack against Vice President Jejomar Binay. The alleged anti-Binay plan has been hatched reportedly upon the suggestion of an influential member of the "Firm". 

Malacanang, according to these people, are preparing a plan to urge Binay to open his own bank and dollar deposit accounts. 

The plan is reportedly a response to the alleged plan of the Binay group to form their own and complete Senatorial slate come 2013.  PDP-Laban, according to sources, has decided to field their own after getting some feedback from the Liberals that the administration party will be fielding a complete slate without any nominee from the PDP-Laban side. 

Apart from the political reason, there is also a "business" side to the plot. Binay is reportedly not too keen on allowing Aquino's closest classmates and business partners to corner most of the "business" in government. Several people also confirmed that Binay is really not too keen on supporting Justice Antonio Carpio's ascension as Chief Justice once Corona's impeachment is affirmed by the Senate. Carpio, according to close Binay sources, is one of the GMA advisers who pushed for Binay's ouster as mayor of Makati.