Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ayos dito: How to choose the right vacation spot

Just one more week and I'll be off, somewhere in the Philippines, with my family, and recharge. I've been working relently for a year now, and I'm really dead tired. I want to rediscover my humanity. I want to empower my soul. What great way to do that than commune with nature.

Many of us don't know this but just being near a tree, or walking barefoot in the sand, energizes you. 

We are a universe filled with energies, energies that are just there waiting to be tapped. Since we, ourselves, are energies, tapping some other source of energy is what I termed "synthesis". 

Now, how to tap clean energies, is our main interests. Energies emit light. When light strikes a surface, it emits colors. Colors are determinant of what energy is beneficial to which and what. 

By the way, the topic is vacation spot, why am I discussing about energies? 

Simply because if you want to energize, go to a place where there is an abundance of energies. Meaning, this should be either a beach or an island. An island is perfect---it has beach front, thick foliage of trees, and of course, that powdery sand--perfect for defoliation and energy-generation.

For me, there are five things to consider when choosing a vacation spot.

1. Living quarters should be very clean, very nice, complete with all the comforts invented by man. (Check comfort room please, hehehe! :-)

2. Must have swimming pool for the kids.

3. Must serve great food always.

4. Must have attentive staff.

5. Must not be too long a drive and not rated for foreigners.

There. What is your Ayosdito vacation spot?