Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Corona and his team should talk to each other

Chief Justice Renato Corona and his spokespersons should meet and listen to what each group is saying before the public. The reason why the Chief Justice's trust ratings is still very low is the fact that each group does not know what the other is doing, or telling the public. There is no unified statement, so to speak, and this hurts the already tattered image of Corona.

For one, Corona says that there is no property ascribed to him in the United States, and then says, after one day, that his daughter actually brought one--cheap. These kinds of statements offer nothing but contempt from a listening public, who already gave the CJ enough time to tell his position before the public. The very fact that MORE THAN HALF of the Filipino People are still not convinced of the culpability of Corona shows you how weak the prosecution case is and how believable the defense is before the bar of law and eventually, before the bar of public opinion.

The strong case presented by the defense on these properties negate the very proposition of the Prosecution that there was even an ounce of ill-gotten wealth stashed somewhere. The very fact that no such property or stash of money were discovered shows you how weak the preparation of the prosecution is. This fact is not being articulated properly before the media. Mere general statements are being heard from the side of Corona, hence, not enough for the public to form a sizeable positive opinion about him.

Corona needs all the media exposure available to him, not because he's fighting for his life before the impeachment court. He needs proper image restoration strategies so that he keeps his integrity intact in case he wins this impeachment. Unlike ERAP where the trial was cut short by extraneous events, in Corona's case, there is no such popular or highly public show of hate that's why he is now enjoying the time given to him to explain why he should not be impeached. 

Corona does not need amateurish publicists handling his case. He needs expert advice and fast.

The possibility of his victory before the courts is there. The probability that this administration will stop harassing him shortly after May is also there (because after May, it's election time in the Philippines). All he needs to do is use this time given to him to push his case more strongly and more resolutely before the people. Otherwise, even if he wins this, he just might encounter another challenge which will eventually lead to his untimely resignation.