Saturday, April 21, 2012 teaches Pinoys how to earn extra income

More than 50 million transactions have been recorded this past year involving Filipinos buying and selling online. That is still growing given the immensity of web users here in the Philippines. Buying and selling online is one activity which Filipinos indulged in since the forties. Many have enriched themselves doing this things. Car dealers are usually buy and sell experts. Trading of pre-loved cars is a big industry here in the Philippines. 

Lately, however, Filipinos are engaging themselves not just with cars, but with cellphone, tech gadgets, appliances, house and lots and even, pets. The immensity of the internet allows people to trade these things easily. With the PC, they can do it in the comforts of their homes without going to a newspaper outlet to post an ad, which, most often, are paid ads.

Doing the buying and selling, in a traditional way, costs money. You need to advertise. You need to fork money just for the public to see what products you are selling. 

Buying and selling, really, is the easiest way to earn extra income. If you have something in your house which is valuable and you don't use already, chances are, there are still some people who'll use it. Example would be your old wicker chair. Antique chairs can be sold in a jiffy because people love to buy antique pieces. Your old jewelry, or your old pair of imported shoes (For as long as these are still in tip-top condition, not worn or torn out).

Anything that still works and can still be used are fair game in the business of buying and selling. is a site that helps Filipinos who want to sell their things or buy stuff online. It's easy. Just link your Facebook account with and you're ready to create your own ad. gives you a user-friendly interface wehre you can readily post your ad.

There are tips in the site which gives you a fairly good way on how to post effective ads. Posting a free ad is half the work. The next half is trying to make that ad reach the most number of people. has thousands of users in its database, all are your market. The only thing left is how you will be able to reach as many people as possible so that they can read your ad. free ads are always updated and current. No dead links. If you want to find an ad, or an item that is near your house, use their search function tab. It works in a jiffy.