Friday, April 20, 2012

Why China will lose to the Philippines in a war for the Spratlys

China is one helluva giant. It has a million armed men ready to swallow our 120,000. It is growing economically and militarily. It has its own submarines, gunboats, fighter planes, tanks and even, nuclear-capable carrying missiles that, with just one, can obliterate huge portions of our archipelago like what Mt. Pinatubo did in Pampanga and Zambales.

In an event of a war, China can definitely and literally shut us down, what with majority or almost all of our telecommunications equipment supplied and Made in China. All it takes is a flip of a switch.

Of course, how can the Philippines mobilize its vast resources when China knows how to control our intelligence networks?

Yet, China will definitely extremely flip and foolish if it intends to make war with us. We may be a small country but small countries often humiliate the big ones.

Look at the United States when it gave itself up to the Vietnamese. Russia became the world's big bully turned sully, when horse riding Afghans armed with their armalites and AK-47's successfully waged a guerilla war against it. 

These are just examples of how small armies can defeat big armies, even those armed with sophisticated weaponry and war technology.

If China does continue its foolish ways, we, Filipinos, will teach them and will mete them their first defeat. 

Yes, I believe that the Philippines will win a war against China over the Spratlys islands.

This war will never be fought along China's terms, but on our terms. 

If China sends its warships to occupy the Spratlys, we, Filipinos will bound together and unite and fight these scumbags until they return to their own countries.

There has been numerous occasions where we show our unity and usually these comes only in times when invaders loot our homes and kill each and every single one of us.