Saturday, April 21, 2012

The LGBT Community in the Philippines

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transexual community here in the Philippines is transforming. It is transforming in a delicious way, a leap from its past state where most Filipinos frown at the very thought of the community asserting its right to be recognized. Now, that recognition has been achieved. Filipino society is a tolerant one. 

There are still challenges ahead but these can be surmounted with a unified community. What the LGBT leadership should do is go, chance the mindsets of their own members, who I think are still thinking like in the Medieval times. 

For example, I watched a recent episode of Wil Time Big Time. They featured transsexuals and real women. One of the contestants, who really looked like a woman, was asked one question--had he decided to do the most extreme thing? You know what the transgender said? 

No, because he intends to have a family probably ten years from now and he intends to use that tool as a "weapon" to raise a brood.

This confused me. If you are a transsexual, and you profess that you want to be a woman, then, be a woman, right? Are their levels of being gay? Is a gay a gender or just a lifestyle? 

Ladlad should clarify this. When a person thinks of raising a family while she professes to be gay, is she gay or is she not gay? When such thoughts populate the minds of those who profess to be members of the LGBTT community, what now is their definition of gender? I thought the LBGT community is pushing for the recognition of gender? Paki explain nga. I'm totally confused.