Sunday, April 22, 2012

On China-RP Standoff at Scarborough Shoal: 3 Defensive Weapons Pinoys can use against the Chinese Military

They say, in a shooting war, the Philippines does not stand a Chinaman's chance against the Chinese military. For one, they have a million armed men while we only have 120,000 and some of these are not fully armed. They have a sophisticated fleet of ships, we only have a handful. They have fighter jets, we have our tora-toras. They have their tanks, we have our water tanks. And they have their missiles; we have our water-filled injectables.

In a shooting war with China, obviously, the Philippines does not stand a chance. The odds are really small. 

However, what many do not realize is the fact that this is the 21st century where wars are dictated not so much by technology, but by skill, strategy and persistence. This age is what I call the age of the Small Armies where to para-phrase Lenin, "you only need seven professional revolutionaries to win a revolution." True.

If China do shoot at us to claim Scarborough shoal, or Panatag Islands for us, what do we do?

We can win this war if we Filipinos form our war defensive strategies as early as now. Obviously, this administration does not have one. They think that diplomacy will do. No. Diplomacy has its limits. When you already have gunboats posed at you and ready to shoot at a moment's notice, you must be ready with your defense. 

The Philippines does not need a sophisticated defensive system to repeal a Chinese attack. No.

Since we are small, we have to hit them where it hurts. We make sure than when do hit them, we hit hard and we hit to kill. What am I talking about?

I am talking about forming an army of Pinoy hackers and debilitating their entire system with a computer virus. Once they attack us, we attack them by sending a virus that will instruct their systems to attack their own, or self-destruct. This is entirely possible.

INstead of sending a missile when they send theirs, we only have to operate this system somewhere safe. 

China will be using technology to harm us. Let that same technology kill them. 

Second thing we need to do is, again, use technology to turn their people against them. It was effective during US imperialism during the early 19th century and likewise, in Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq. 

We use social media as a weapon of mass denouncement against Chinese intrusion into our shores. Thirty million voices updating and denouncing China's imperialism should really cause a massive image problem for the Chinese. 

Lastly, we have our titans, our Gokongweis, Tans, and the Sys whose investments are tied up with China's economy. Let them be our emissaries. Let them be deployed in China to pressure the leadership of China to abandon their imperialist appetite; otherwise, we get back our trillion dollar investments there.

Pressure also the international community to debilitate China by asking multinational companies to stop production there. China will be hit economically and will be pressured enough to stop its foolishness in the Spratlys.

As they say, the bigger they get, the bigger they fall, even when the smallest of the small hit them. This is true even here.

So, China, come here, and get punched out by us, puny Pinoys! Your million man army is no match to our 120,000 Manny Pacquiao-punching military! Haha! :-)

Pinoys let us rally around the flag! Protect our country from the chinks!