Monday, May 7, 2012

Pnoy does a good job in Tourism and Investor Relations

Let's see--what are the areas that President Aquino's administration fared well? In the SWS survey, tourism and investor relations are two of at least seven areas of concern that Pnoy did quite well. There is one which the pollsters probably forgot---the silent unification of reform groups under his leadership.

For some groups allied with the President, two years are not enough to gauge the overall performance of this administration. I agree. With the monumental problems left behind by the Arroyo administration, de-structuring the bureaucracy is one big problem which continues to challenge this administration. This administration took great pains in reviewing the onerous contracts entered into by its predecessor.It takes great leadership and time to do that.

This is the reason why groups are still hopeful that, in the end of the term of this President, there will be at least some problems which either will be terminated or delimited in scope. One of the bright spots I see is the resolution of the Bangsamoro Question. Another one, is the raging Communist insurgency.

Aside from these, I think the economy will remain resilient inspite of the impending threat of global recession. Citibank already said that the Philippine banking system is totally impervious over the financial malady that has caused great pains in many parts of the world. The banking system is protected because it is now awash with cash.

Tourism will bring in more revenues and jobs for the country in the future. The opening of the Entertainment City is being anticipated by several top companies already. I am definitely sure that tourism will bring in the goods. 

Investors are also bullish about the way things are being handled administratively and in politics. However, more efforts should be put into levelling the business playing field. This may take some time, but the future is brighter than before.