Saturday, May 5, 2012

You are so beautiful Jessica Sanchez!

Words can't describe what I felt when I heard Jessica Sanchez singing one of my favorite songs by Joe Cocker. Tears rolled down my eyes as I listen Jessica sing this classic effortlessly. Her voice is as clear as a lucid pond in a bright morning. I was mesmerized. While Jessica was singing this, I was transported to another place. Memories flood my mind.

Immaculate. Beyond description. No words can bring justice to that voice. 

While all the world suffers due to the economic depression and some thru political persecutions, there is a voice that captivates and gets everyone in a rapturous moment. My soul is refreshed, whenever I listen to Jessica.

Jessica Sanchez, you are a gift. You are a gift from God. I am proud that your blood is my blood. I am proud of being Pinoy.

Of course, Joe Cocker's version of this song is different, raw, edgy, and full of angst. Jessica's version is a nymph totally showing to us, the real meaning of beauty. Jessica is a pure soul. Its like a soul bringing out the soul in every single one of us. 

To my fellow Filipino-Americans out there, you must be extremely proud that you have a rare gem such as Jessica. This kind of talent only comes out in a century! Let us enjoy the moment. Let us bask in the radiance of her soul.