Friday, May 4, 2012

Pnoy should learn how to own up

It is now May 2012, a full two years after the 2010 Presidential elections, and about one month before we formally recognize two years of Pnoy's government. 

Like any other Philippine president before him, Pnoy started fresh and alive. His call for everyone to tread the straight path was accepted widely by all of us. His call against graft and corruption was received enthusiastically by a tired, weary yet hopeful nation. 

Now, two years from that inauguration speech, and we have more than 12 million Filipino families going hungry every day (SWS survey), a ballooning unemployment rate, a higher than usual inflation, a dearth of foreign investments, and a slew of controversies committed by his appointees, friends and associates in government.

Like his predecessors, Pnoy believes that he is doing something different. Pnoy believes that he is improving the lives of his fellow Filipinos, what with those glowing economic statistics fed to him by his chief finance guy, Cesar Purisima and seconded by several of his chuwariwah pep squad. 

His call against graft fell on the wayside, frowned and ridiculed by the toughies that still work in the bureaucracy. Smuggling remains rampant in the Bureau of Customs. Everything--from meat to cars, to clothes and shoes, are being smuggled. At the Postal Corporation of this government, contracts are being given liberally like sacks of rice without bidding. And there are several deals which I wont reveal here, which equals if not exceed the greed of the former dispensation.

IN the political front, confusion and self-interest still reigns supreme over the nation's interests. Politicians from the previous administration, people who once kiss the arses of the First Couple, are now with the administration party. Those who committed grievous sins against the people are now "helping" this administration. 

Those who believed what Pnoy announced before, that he has just launched a revolution, are now scratching their heads, and some are even banging their heads in unison, agreeing how wrong they were, electing and supporting someone who turns out to be worse than his predecessors. 

Like what happened before, shouts and cries about revolution, about restructuring the values of this country, fell by the wayside. 

Two years and it is not fitting for Pnoy to heap all the blame to his predecessors, who were meted the severest penalty of incurring social stigma and incarceration.

It is time to admit responsibility.