Sunday, March 24, 2013

Iphone 5 versus Samsung Galaxy III

I am faced with a delicious dilemma--which is better, Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy III? I know, I know. This is a late post. Many people now know the difference between these two gadgets and seriously, a busy man like me do not have the luxury of researching their merits (and demerits).

For me, for as long as a phone can guarantee two things: one, easy texting (since I do most of my correspondence thru texts) and calls (I call just to consume my monthly subscription fee), the other things are secondary to me. I am not a brand conscious guy. I am pretty content with what I have. I don't care if a phone is not an Apple or a Samsung. For as long as it works, and the audio player is superb, I'm satisfied.

Yesterday, the Smart customer service agent was asking me what she thinks is an important question--what do you like sir, Iphone 5 or Samsung Galaxy III?

For a man who buys cellphones every three years, that's a most important question. I know all about Iphones and how it encounters a problem with its battery. I know that its screen explodes with colors that for me, is one of the best in the industry. I know also that the Iphone does not pack much when it comes to memory storage. If you buy a 16gig, you're pretty much stuck with it for the rest of your life.

That's what I dislike about the iPhone and the iPad---the storage. Of course, I want to pack my phone with my audio and video files but how can I possibly do it with 16 gig? Yeah, I am registered in iCloud, but it affords me only 5 gig extra and if I want more, I have to pay US$29 more. Talk about a Capitalist taking advantage, this one tops it.

What I like about the iPhone is its chassis. It looks sturdy and tough. That steel casing gives it a definitive advantage. Of course, that's important for me. I want a phone that would last.

Samsung packs the power, the storage (expandable to 32 gig or 64 gig, whichever you like), the apps are mostly free and the quad core processor is best in class. I feel freer with a Samsung. I don't feel I am being taken advantage of.

I just spend several hours tinkering about this gadget and all I can say is pretty impressive so far. It does not lag and Samsung is pretty protective--everytime you want to download stuff, it asks you about it. Congrats Smart for this.

So, which is the best choice? I would have to buy an iPhone to find out. I just have an iPad.