Saturday, March 23, 2013

Post 2013 mid term election destabilization looms

Some people are concerned about two major issues that threatens the integrity of the 2013 mid-term elections. One, the expected power shortage in Mindanao and two, the accuracy of the PCOS machines. This early, reports are being received about several groups offering their services in exchange for manipulating PCOS results.

This administration must be ready to face its toughest challenge yet. Three major issues threaten the security of this administration---one, the expected serious and highly public backlash of a failed election; two, the continuing drama about the remaining Sultanate members in Sabah and three, the rising US concern about the possibility of a jihad breaking out in Mindanao. The seriousness of these issues must not be overlooked.

Forces are at work, driven not by clear and serious concern about the welfare of this Nation--but rather driven by their own selfish interests. Those who want nothing more than make this Presidency a lame duck, and in the process, allow their forces to position themselves proximate to the Center of Power, are nothing more than carpet baggers whose interests lie solely on protecting their businesses or protecting the interests of their principals.

Look closely at those who aspire to the presidency come 2016, and your conclusion would probably be the same as mine--these political aspirants have their big taipan businessman behind their backs.

It would have been natural to support such groups whose ambition is really for the benefit of this country. However, no existing big group, except one, has shown genuine interests in the fate of this country because they are driven by a clear mandate and mission---correct the monumental errors of the system.

That is why, the people must be very observant at this critical juncture of our history. We must always side with groups whose interests are closely aligned with ours. We must not be misled by another group of self-proclaimed Messiahs who turn into ravenous wolves the minute they assume power. Those who claim to struggle for power has always been backed by Big Business and Foreign Powers. The situation however is ripe for the formation of a movement whose strength comes legitimately from the people, and not, not from those who claim to control this nation by the neck.