Saturday, April 20, 2013

David de Rothschild's and Illac Diaz's creation at the Luneta: Powering the "insignificant"

Today, a momentous event will happen in Luneta. The country's first ever solar-powered pavillion will be unveiled before millions of Filipinos. And a billionaire adventurer cum conservationist cum fashion icon will arrive to unveil it.

If you happen to visit Luneta today at around noon, you'll see a mammoth structure made out of plastic bottles there. It may look like an ordinary artistic piece for most, but, come again in the evening, and you'll know how significant this structure is.

Those plastic bottles which were used as materials contain solar chips. Yes, solar chips which power light bulbs. Come, visit Luneta at night and you'll be in for a creative and spectral feast.

Billionaire David de Rothschild is arriving today and will hold a press con at the Manila Hotel before noon to tell us what motivated them, meaning he and Illac Diaz to do this. I don't know what Thomas Edison would probably say, but plastic bottles as light bulbs? Wow, innovative and outright creative.

It just says to me how an insignificant plastic bottle, which most people just throw away and litter the earth's oceans and seas, can be re-purposed and used as lighting fixtures for several poor families' homes, around 150 of them throughout the world.

For more, attend the press con at 1130 am at the Manila Hotel.