Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombings, the Tsarnaev brothers and a new breed of anti-US terrorist

Though the Boston police have already declared the Boston Marathon bombing case as "closed", questions still linger in the minds of those who follow this gruesome incident. What prompted a 19 year old and his older brother to undertake what authorities consider as a sophisticated act of terrorism? 

Many people who know Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, the 19 year old arrested by police yesterday, described him as a bright, aspiring, young kid who dreams for success in his life in America. His older brother who was killed by authorities a day before, Tamerlan, was equally described by some as just a regular guy, who even trained as a boxer for his school. Both came from Chechnya, a country wracked by sectarian violence. Both young men left Chechnya in pursuit of a dream in America.

Now, one is dead and the other one will be facing the courts soon to answer for one of the deadliest attacks in America since 9/11. 

Their aunt and their father have accused authorities of setting the brothers up. We will never know the truth. Telling pieces of evidence point to these two as the ones who killed a security officer in MIT in Boston and threw pipe bombs at police officers before they were finally caught, one killed and the other, wounded yet alive. 

Several photos have circulated in the internet pointing to a conspiracy. Some of these photos show "contractor types" being in the crime scene before and after the bombing, leading to some to conclude that the brothers might have been framed or probably belong to a bigger group. Or probably another group staged the bombing and the Tsarnaev brothers were set up.

This is somewhat problematic in every which way you look at it. 

For one, if one believes in what police says, then, the profile of a terrorist in America has become domestic. Gone are the bearded, Thawb- garbed men, threatening to throw bombs at American soil. Looking at the pictures of the Tsarnaev brothers, and you'll find ordinary, young, intelligent men now threatening to throw bombs at the very country which accepted them and fed them.

This is problematic in the sense that every single one in America right now, is a potential threat to the very state they created several centuries ago. What is so unfortunate in this is it is testing the very concept, the very pillar by which America stood for for centuries--the pillar of all men being equal.

Prior to this incident, there were subsequent acts of terrorism staged by Americans themselves unto their fellow Americans, ordinary citizens turned shooters who gun down innocents without adequate reason. There must be something wrong with the very system that once bred the finest inventors and innovators the world has ever known. 

Some would probably blame the American government for this. American interventionist moves in other countries have been blamed before for contributing to the worsening perception of other races against America. Middle Easterners mostly curse Americans for their government's continued aggression against Palestinians and other nationalities. Not all Asians praise America for its interventionist role in the Spratlys island dispute and even in the Korean peninsula affairs. 

What had happened in America in recent years is probably due to the increasing social tension brought by a worsening economy. People's hopes are being dashed as millions upon millions suffer from extreme poverty. 

I cannot say that this applies to the Tsarnaev brothers. They came to America with one dream--to leave their war-stricken country and be a success in America. They were living the American dream. They were not in poverty. What caused them to harm the very country which took them in, fed them, and cared for them all these time? What prompted them and caused them to leave a comfortable life in exchange for a life on the lam?

Worse--how many people feel the same way and are, themselves, potential bomb makers, and human bombs? 

This incident will change America forever, and would prompt people to probably look further deeper and study the American system and why it is now breeding people with a lot of resentment with the way things are being managed by their government.