Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was previously questioned by the FBI--then how did he managed to stage a bombing while being under the radar?

CNN analyst Peter Bergen thinks that the Tsarnaev brothers fit the bill--they are domestically bred terrorists.  In his piece, Bergen presumes that there is nothing surprising about two brothers, both pious Muslims, doing what they did, because several other people, Americans yet of foreign descent, first generation Americans, being radicalized and doing acts which they believe merits them a spot in paradise.

Bergen believes that the brothers might have turned radical through the internet. Second, Tamerlan, the one killed, left and stayed in Russia for six months before returning to the States and might have trained with Chechnyan rebels who are experts in bomb making. MOnths before the Boston marathon bombing, FBI agents questioned Tamerlan for his trip to Russia. Tamerlan was placed under surveillance shortly after the Russian government gave FBI a tip about Tamerlan's alleged links with "radical Islamist" groups, yet, authorities failed to identify what group.

The question is--if Tamerlan was already placed under surveillance, then, how did he manage to elude the FBI and stage these bombings? UNder the Federal anti-terror act, authorities can already arrest a suspected terrorist in the act of preparing a suspected terror act. Some things do not add up.