Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A dream with Pnoy--true story

This is a true dream. Last night, I had a peculiar encounter with President Pnoy. I was then probably a reporter (again!) and covering Malacanang (again).

He was with two of his bodyguards. I was just alone. There was a mishap in the scheduling of an event and we were left alone. He was coughing.

Pnoy was coughing and coughing that I pitied him. I told him, sir remember those days when you asked a cigarette from me when we were in Balai and I gave you one?


I regretted giving you one. Then the dream just suddenly transferred to a rural area where he and I talked with the folks down there. He was visibly tired, and coughing. He was wearing white barong, the same barong I wore.

Then I woke up.

How fast time flew. Three years ago, we were in the heat of battle and most of those whom we talked with were still approachable. Now that they are in power, no, nothing.

This is the reality of politics---when you're outside the circle of power, you rage. When you're inside, you become eaten by the same rotten system you so despised.

I vow to myself never to be defeated by this humongous system. I am here for its destruction.