Thursday, May 2, 2013

What inclusive growth?

Government is supposed to level the playing field between those who have and those who have not. This is the rationale why men established governments. Governments are supposed to moderate the greed so to speak, of those who were born rich and those blessed by monies which they invest. Those whose fates are extricably linked with inherited poverty, tend to stay where they are, hoping that they break the cycle of poverty, and at an old age, realize that the system is simply not kind to those who struggle.

Capitalism is not the best economic system around. For it to be beneficial to humanity, capitalism must either be destroyed utterly and changed into a socialist one, which proved disastrous to the Russian federation, due to their big economy or synthesized with socialist mechanisms to allow the spillover of economic gains to benefit the rest of the population.

In our case, workers should not expect anything from this government simply because this government thinks of the capitalists rather than the worker. This government is pro-Capitalist. This government is pro-Corporate. It thinks corporate and therefore, acts like a corporation.

The "inclusive growth" that this government is propagandizing applies only to those within its circles. Yes, there is growth but this growth is limited to those who manage or control the very resources of this country. And because there is uncertainty, the very limited gains are being kept very close to their chests by those who are blessed by opportunity and birth.

For the Filipino worker, the necessity of the time is for it to seize the means of production. It can only do so if it transforms the very state superstructure with a system that favors those who labor rather than those who only toy with their money and gain from it.