Thursday, May 9, 2013

New Philippine Revolution Preface to the elections

Before we go to our individual precincts this Monday, ask ourselves why are we voting these people whose names we so prefer to be our leaders? Were we just persuaded by our peers or our groups or our friends to vote for these names? Why are we voting for these names? Just because we hear them a lot over radio and television and see their names while we read our newspapers?

For me, we must elect people who are visionaries. We don't need those with legal expertise as leaders. We don't need more legislators as leaders. We have a lot of laws.

We need people who are visionaries, those who can steer our country in the right direction, people whose heart is really service for others, and not service towards self.

We need people who think of using the resources of the State for the benefit of the majority and future generations.

We need people without Big Business interests behind them.

We miss people like Ninoy, Jose Diokno, Recto, Doy Laurel, Jovy Salonga, who went head-long to public service without any personal pecuniary interests.

Anyway, if you are voting, please vote for these people:

1. Teddy Casino------we need people with principles, those who will use the position as Senator as a take-off point or platform for them to craft legislation that would ease the suffering of most of the masses.

2. Antonio Trillianes IV---maybe there is still something that he can give to his people.

3. JC delos Reyes----who says that a good man such as him does not have the chance to go to the Senate? Maybe the highly vaulted white vote or Catholic vote might change the political configuration this time.

4. Grace Poe Llamanzares---yeah, she's not the real biological daughter of the great King. Yet, she knows her father so much, she's willing to wager her own self just to realize the unfulfilled vision of the King.

5. Mayor Ed Hagedorn---Hagedorn has the political will. He's an enforcer and an honest man. He deserves to conribute to the enrichment of the Senate.

6. Ramon Magsaysay Jr---we need a veteran legislator in the senate, someone who understands the real situation and has a heart for the masses.