Friday, May 3, 2013

My First Six Senatorial bets

Teddy Casino is one of my top five bets for the Senate this year. Aside from knowing him personally, Casino 's distinct advantage over other contenders is his vast knowledge of the political landscape. He knows the game without compromising his principles. For Casino, the supremacy of his principles is way above anything. There is no big business interest behind him.

My second bet is JC delos Reyes. Yes, JC delos Reyes has matured in politics. He is not anymore the idealistic kid whom we saw in 2010, fighting the political titans with his own ideas. JC delos Reyes deserves a Senate seat because he knows what is right and will always do what is right.

Riza Hontiveros is no push-over. She gamely lent her name as the foremost RH advocate because that is what she really is. I know Hontiveros will find it extremely difficult to win this time, what with religious lay groups going out of their comfort zones just to ensure the political death of those who pushed for the RH Law to be passed. Hontiveros stuck to her guns until the end. She may or may not survive this. As they say, better luck next time.

Cynthia Villar is my fourth candidate. This lady is sincere and honest in her desire to help those without work. In our Project with her, Villar supported the education of at least 100 OFWs who suffered cruelties at the hands of their employers. Villar deserves our support.

of course, let root for Jack Enrile. He may be the scion of an old politician but deep inside, Jack is his own. He has a lot more to do to bring into fruition his idea on securing our food stocks and sk