Friday, May 17, 2013

Resist Comelec brute force proclamation of Senatorial race winners!

Democracy exists because it is the only system in the world that respects the voice of the Individual. That voice, which in the case of the Philippines, is heard and respected with utmost banality, is heard every three years, in every election.

That voice is also being dictated and muzzled upon by a handful of people appointed by the Powers-that-be to just ensure that elections are conducted based on justice and law.

Now, the integrity of this elections is slowly being tainted by the desire of a few to ensure their perpetuation to Power.

Why proclaim when 11.5 million votes (some say it is still 30 million) are still lurking in cyberspace and are still not counted? Why the rush, says Senatoriable Koko Pimentel.

As I wrote in my previous blogs, every single thing that this government has accomplished will all go down the drain if it fails to keep this election clean.

What is going on? Comelec desires a quick count when it knows that it is totally impossible because of some systemic anomalies that occurred shortly after the voting stopped. Comelec cannot even tell us how many Filipinos were disfranchised and how many voters deliberately boycotted this election.

The same ailment now afflicts this administration, the very same disease that the decrepit Arroyo administration suffered---power-nitis.

We, as a People, should resist this and we should protest because it is quite obvious now---the will of the people has been compromised.

We may never know who really won the Senatorial race because our minds have been pre-programmed to accept results which have been dictated upon us by a select few.

Resist now or forever hold your tongue!