Monday, May 6, 2013

PR man behind hits against former client?

Jeff Antiporda's news article column at the Manila Times point to a certain public relations man Willie Fernandez as the one behind the alleged "smear campaign" against Senator Loren Legarda. Legarda's handlers accuse Fernandez of instigating the controversy against Legarda for and on behalf of his client Alan Peter Cayetano.

Cayetano, a member of Upsilon Sigma Phi fraternity, is fraternity brother of Fernandez who now handles the publicity of the young senator. According to news sources, Cayetano reportedly wants top billing in this year's elections, that's why he unleashed a 10 million peso PR campaign against fellow Team Pnoy colleague Legarda. A member of the Nacionalistra party, Cayetano was once Loren Legarda's close party colleague. Legarda left Nacionalista and became a Nationalist People's Coalition (NPC) member.

Top billing now means automatic inclusion as a possible Vice Presidential candidate come 2016. Is Cayetano salivating for a Vice Presidential post? Could be coz he was once Nacionalista and the voice behind all those filthy accusations against Pnoy during the 2010 elections. Now, he's Liberal.

I don't know with you but Fernandez or no Fernandez, Legarda has got to answer Biraogo's allegations that she owns Manhattan and Forbes park properties which she did not declare in her SALN. During all these years, all we know of Loren's preoccupation is her work as a Senator. Legarda has not earned from gains in any inheritance, so where did she get those millions?

This is a pity. If Fernandez is really the one behind Loren Legarda's smear campaign, then, this is very sad.

Fernandez used to handle the PR requirements of Loren Legarda, first when she was a budding senatorial candidate, up to the time when she ran for the vice presidency.

The Fernandez couple, Willy and his wife Chinbee, are close friends of Loren. I don't exactly know what happened between them, and why Loren dropped Willie as her PR man. If someone knows Loren up, close and personal, it's Willy.

As they say, in politics, nothing is permanent. In PR, nothing personal, just strictly, business. I still hope that this is not true.