Monday, May 20, 2013

The 2013 mid-term elections: Had it been a presidential, things would be different

Had this happen in a Presidential election, things would have escalated to such proportions which would prove too difficult for the Commission on Elections to handle. The fact that it would be too costly and too disruptive for a candidate or a political party to question the results is one reason why no group raised the alarm bells on a higher level.

This also shows you how people perceive technology---something unknown should never be questioned by the uninitiated. Imagine how costly for someone to ask the Commission on Elections to provide him or his political party of the CF cards and read their contents, one by one.

If a review of the elections is held, it would take more than six months before a conclusive result would happen and released in the media. By that time, those proclaimed will already be serving by then, and it would be extremely difficult for the protestant to bend the situation to his favor.

What am I saying? If we continue on this path, we may as well accept that the political leadership in this country will always be at the caprice and whim of the elite. We need to accept this because this is entirely true.

What is most certain is this---this administration claims that it has a hold over the Lower House. Well, I perused the lists of winners in Congress and I don't know where the administration got its data. In the island of Luzon, specifically vote rich areas, the UNA or its affiliates, won there. In the Visayas, yes, LP won. However, in Mindanao, those who won are actually non-LP members.    Lakas NUCD is still a force to reckon with as this National Unity Party, or NUP, a party of pro-Arroyo legislators who formed their own party wisely not choosing either administration or pseudo-opposition.